Rooftop Solar

Installing a rooftop solar power plants substantially brings down the energy costs for the enterprise since solar tariffs are lower than prevailing grid tariffs. It also helps to utilise the areas, like rooftops or parking area. Enterprises can customise solar power solutions as per the needs to help them realise their business goals.

We offer turnkey solar solutions, right from designing and installation to maintenance. Our team of experts shall evaluate the location of your onsite solar system installation thoroughly before recommending a customized solution. We will come up with an innovative solution that will fulfil your requirements while meeting safety and regulatory compliances.

Solar EPC

For the enterprises making an upfront investment in owning a renewable energy plant, Epic offers comprehensive EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) services by the team of experts. It also includes the project feasibility at the initial stage and operations & maintenance of the plant as per client’s requirements.

Engineering: A plant design by understanding the requirements of the clients, conducting the site survey, monitoring the weather conditions is critical for the success of the project. Our team of experts analyse the factors contributing to the power generation capacity and design the appropriate solutions.

Procurement: As a one stop EPC contractor we ensure sourcing the best-in-class quality equipment, from our approved suppliers.

Construction: Our engineers will construct and assemble a state of art Solar plant as per the time schedule. while meeting safety and regulatory compliances.

Operation & Maintenance services: Our experienced engineers monitor solar plants continuously to ensure maximum performance and minimal downtime, offering uninterrupted service and maximizing renewable energy plant’s performance.

Energy Audits

Energy Audits help the businesses reduce energy consumption and Green House Gas (GHG) emissions. These audits include a physical inspection of buildings and equipment.
EPIC’s expert auditors give you a clear understanding of how your facility consumes energy and where saving opportunities can be achieved.

Typically, EPIC’s energy audits will comprise of:

  • Breakdown energy usage and significant energy use by equipment/process
  • Benchmark energy performance against similar premises/processes
  • Provide an overview of supply and metering strategy
  • Review of the energy management procedures, including maintenance
  • Identify energy and cost saving opportunities together with pay back periods of the investment needed to implement the energy saving measures
  • Prioritize no or low-cost opportunities to large capital investment opportunities and create action plans

Our auditing services are done by accredited Energy Auditors

EV Charging

Epic provides all type of home & commercial EV charging solutions complying with all EV charging standards.

Charging Station Installation: Epic helps in identifying the customers the best suitable charging solution as per their plan and requirement. Epic’s technical staff and field support team provides safe & reliable EV charging station installation services to residential and commercial establishments.

EV Charging Station Network: EPIC is developing India’s largest EV charging network to keep your EVs always charged and you never feel range anxiety across any location within city or highways

EV Charge App For EV Owners: EPIC has developed a mobile application to navigate to your nearest EPIC EV charge point. The app helps the customers to tract the EV charging records and also help in ease of payments

EV Charging
LED Retrofitting

Retrofits are ideal for commercial and industrial properties that have a satisfactory lighting system and layout, but lack efficiency and performance. EPIC provides right retrofit solutions to the business where focus is on energy efficiency, reducing maintenance costs, or improving the performance and quality of the lighting.

Our team of professionals help facilitate every aspect of customised retrofit process with product education, tailored option and solutions aligned to the business goals.

EPIC’s Turnkey LED Retrofits Include:

  • Complete lighting audit of each location to produce detailed proposal
  • In-depth lighting retrofit solutions and energy savings analyses
  • Identifying all products to be used and managing warranties
  • Coordination of labour, materials, and field level support
  • Achieving targeted budgets and timelines
  • Recycling all lamps in accordance with regulations

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