LED Lights

EPIC’s aesthetically designed LED streetlights provides soft-light and glare free symmetrical illumination. EPIC has developed 120W LED streetlight solutions for roadway lighting, corporate parks & malls. These lights are energy efficient, high lumens output and suitable for Indian temperature conditions as well. EPIC’s 150W LED lights are used for street lighting, highway lighting purposes. EPIC’s low wattage series are well suited for office premises, foot-paths & garden lighting applications.

EPIC’s Intelligent Streetlight Monitoring & Control is internet and mobile based technology to control and monitor streetlights. It helps in real time & scheduled switching of streetlights from back end server and power consumption tracking of individual streetlights. It has Self-healing and self-forming capabilities like fault detection & analysis and Supports up to 200 streetlights in a single network.

Smart Meters
EPIC’s Smart Meters are the new generation of energy meters that record electricity consumption in real time. They are connected to the internet, users and utilities can easily track and monitor electricity usage and get accurate bills. Their remote meter reading capabilities eliminate the need for manual inspection, making them highly efficient and convenient. Consumers can also receive alerts of insufficient/ low balance or for abnormal usage to best optimize their consumption on a user-friendly web portal or mobile app.
Energy Power Saver (EPS)
The mission of EPIC Energy is to empower each citizen of India at the village, city and district level with the knowledge and means to save power. They are doing so by the installation of their EPS (Epic Power Savers) units all over India. These devices use an advanced microprocessor-based technology to provide power reduction. The capacity of the power savers depends on the load and supply of power. Critical Power factor management coupled with matching of impedance and constantly monitored the load, the optimizing function can regulate the electrical supply to the load to match precisely with what is needed, which results in substantial savings in power consumption. They can provide a power saving between a range of 15-50%. Each EPS is bench marked and power savings are monitored with respect to that level.
Power Conditioners
EPIC’s power conditioners are designed to protect electronic devices from power surges, spikes, and electrical noise. They are capable of regulating voltage, eliminating power distortions, and improving power quality, ensuring that your equipment runs smoothly and efficiently. Our power conditioners are suitable for a wide range of applications, from residential to commercial and industrial, and are available in various capacities to meet different power requirements. With EPIC’s power conditioners, you can protect your equipment and enjoy reliable and stable power supply.

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